The Advantages and Disadvantages of Listening to Music While Studying

Music has a great effect on our mind. It affects our psychological state. Apart from that it also helps us retain information and stay focused in their work. It has been a usual thing now for us to listen to music while studying. Almost, everyone does that though everybody has a different reason for doing so.

While for some it helps them concentrate for others it helps remove stress. Even the very fact that “music helps one study well” has been a matter to debate on. Thus, today we are here to discuss some points about both the sides of the argument being completely unbiased.

Advantages of Listening to Music While Studying

  • One must have heard about the very common Mozart effect’. This is a very popular term which states that listening music can actually affect your intelligence in a positive way. Listening to Mozart ten minutes before a test can help one comprehend better and recall information.
  • Music also helps an individual concentrate better. It improves focus, provides motivation and also makes one’s mood better. It helps increase one’s endurance and study for long hours.
  • It decreases stress levels and cure anxiety which helps one memorize things faster.
  • It really helps one isolate oneself if they are in an busy environment by simply plugging in their earphones. Thus, in turn helps one study effectively.
  • Music also helps one create a positive space for oneself which boosts one mood highly and helps them study.
  • Listening to music is probably the best exercise for one’s brain. Like our body our brain ages too and without exercising it properly, it could really age fast. Doing things like writing, reading, solving puzzles and listening to music keeps it more healthy and youthful.
  • While other things can take time listening to music is relatively easier and effective. A young brain helps one memorize and concentrate better.

    Disadvantages of Listening to Music While Studying

    After discussing the advantages it’s now time to discuss about some big drawbacks of the same:

  • Mozart Effect‘ may have gained a lot of popularity during the 90s but there’s a lack of scientific evidences to prove its authenticity. Thus, it not necessarily be as useful as one thinks it to be.
  • Students who have the habit of listening to music with lyrics does more bad than good to them. It decreases their concentration and efficiency which reduces their ability to study.
  • Even loud and agitated music can give negative effects. It removes focus making it difficult for a person to study. It also affects the comprehensive quality of a student.
  • This were some important aspects of music both positive and negative. You can also buy essay at Unitutor if you are keen on knowing about it more. This is a topic where coming to a certain conclusion can be really difficult or even impossible.
  • One can give numerous points for or against it. The probable conclusion that can be made is music is really helpful as long as it’s instrumental or really subtle whereas music with that’s of loud nature can actually do the opposite. Still it cannot be the besa t conclusion as different people prefer listening to different genre of music. Hence, it’s safe to end it by saying that it depends upon the students how they perceive music and how does it effect them while studying.